The Nicest Place on the Internet

What is the Nicest Place on the Internet?

It is the loveliest place on the Internet to where one can give hug to others all over the Internet or you can simply call it free hugs website. Some 2 years ago I have seen a website by this name where i can watch this video. But in present that website has stopped working and then I decided to make this website and hence the origin of this website has took place. The Nicest Place on the Internet is down since two years or more before this website is made.

What happened to the nicest place on the internet

There may be many reasons to what happened to this nicest place such as:

i) The domain & the Hosting of that website has expired.

ii) The creator of that website is busy in his work.

iii) Maybe that website was just a campaign created by some of the beautiful minds in this planet.

iv) The creator has lost interest in that website.

Nicest place on the internet down

The Nicest Place on the Internet was down for almost 1 year, after then this website appeared out of nowhere with the same videos which were on the old website. The nicest place is not down anymore now.

Nicest place on the internet doesn't work

There was a time when I used to visit the old website. But something has happened then and when I returned back after a lot many days the website was not working at all and showing 404 error. Then I started working on this project, I have collected all the videos and made the single compilation and uploaded to YouTube and then made a website too.

Where Can I Get Internet Hugs

There are only few place in the Internet where you can get hugs from others and this is one of them. Get loved by others however they are. This website is the proof that love is above all hate. So don’t waste your time in fighting and hating other, rather use this time to love others and get loved by others.

This is the Free Hugs Website

Get Hugs for Free from all over the world. You must have never felt this energy before. Once you will visit this visit, you are going to bookmark it.

Are there any other websites like the nicest place on the internet?

As far as i know there are some websites on the Internet where you can find the happiness but the you will get online hugs only on this website. 

The nicest place on the internet song "i have never loved someone" by my brightest diamond

I have never loved someone the way I love you
I have never seen a smile like yours
And if you grow up to be king or clown or pauper
I will say you are my favorite one in town

I have never held a hand so soft and sacred
When I hear your laugh I know heaven’s key
And when I grow to be a poppy in the graveyard
I will send you all my love upon the breeze

And if the breeze won’t blow your way, I will be the sun
And if the sun won’t shine your way, I will be the rain
And if the rain won’t wash away all your aches and pains
I will find some other way to tell you you’re okay.

You’re okay…